Kiwa Beetroot Chips

It’s been a while since I found something that caught my eye. While shopping at Burlington, I was looking for interesting candy, but found these instead:

Beetroot chips! I love canned beets ❤️ so I had to try these 🙂

They were hard to photograph, because the color is that deep red of beets, but this photo shows them very well!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they are crunchy, sweet, and they taste 100% like beets!! 😍

Burlington is a clothing store that has a lot of discounted items, and I love shopping there. I don’t know if they’ll keep carrying these, but I’m sure going to enjoy this bag 🙂 All for myself. Because my husband hates beets 😄

More for me!

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


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  1. My husband and I eat raw beets. I like the flavor – beets taste like the earth but sweet, almost like sweet dirt (sounds gross the way I describe the taste of beets!)

    I haven’t tried beet chips but have wanted to try them! Seems like a gourmet delicacy I can’t quite afford yet 😂

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      • I make homemade kale chips and those taste okay. I doubt that I would be able to make beet root chips taste good 😂 I was telling my husband about beet chips last night and his reaction was, “those sound $$$” lol

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      • Ooo Kale chips sound interesting 🙂

        These were $1.99 at a discount at Burlington, and the bag is not very big. I didn’t get to see the original price, but I would say yes, that’s expensive!

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      • I’m not sure where you live, or what currency you use. There’s a Burlington Ontario so I keep thinking Canadian $$. Everything in Canada is expensive so I’m guessing those chips would be even more here. I still hope to get my hands on some beet root chips one day.

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