Good People

Good people aren’t always nice, and nice people aren’t always good.

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


Not a quote, just something I’ve heard in different places.


  1. Hi Yari, well that was short and definitely quick and a truthful observation, but I can’t help but think that myself and probably others, would have loved to have heard the particular circumstances, that brought forth this personal observation! Just saying . . . 🙂

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    • I just realized this might have sounded worse than I meant it to! Oops. It’s just something I heard somewhere and agreed with.

      It wasn’t anything specific, though I feel like “nice people aren’t always good” is something I definitely found out early in life. I think we all do, in a way. Especially during those years when we’re inexperienced and still learning how to make friends.

      Anyway, I hope this post wasn’t a total bummer! Hahaha Enjoy your day 🙂

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  2. Someone who goes to church and reads the Bible doesn’t necessarily make them a good person, just like someone who never goes to church doesn’t make them a bad person.


    • Luckily, that’s exactly what churches usually teach (though I can’t speak for ALL of them, obviously).

      A good church encourages people to not just read some verses, not only show up to church on Sundays, but to study the Word, follow its teachings, seek God, and become active in the community helping others.

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    • That’s no good 😕 I would say be careful with them, but it sounds like you’re already well aware about them.

      And I just found out the new generation calls it “love bombing.” It’s quite an interesting concept.

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      • Thanks. For this person, it’s not so much that they’re manipulatively kind, but they say very cruel, nasty things, no filter, and excuse it as newfound “assertiveness.” People learn to avoid the individual like the plague.

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      • Oh yikes. Maybe they’ll notice that they’re going to lose friends if they keep that up, and hopefully change.

        Assertiveness and aggressiveness are two way different things, but sometimes the two get confused.

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