“Christian Nation” Quickie

I see a lot of bloggers wondering why the United States has been called a Christian nation, since not all the founding fathers were devout Christians.

Long story short, it’s better if you think of the U.S. as a nation based on biblical principles.

You see, Jesus came along and made everybody equal. The good news was for both Jew and Gentile, for everyone!

Before this biblical precedent, kings and royalty were considered closer to God based solely on their status.* As a peasant, you weren’t as close to God as kings.

And in ancient Egypt, rulers were considered gods by their culture.**

So, it helps to think of the United States as having biblical principles, which were unique at the time, instead of it being a Christian nation.

I hope that helps!

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see links below for more info

Sources/additional links that might interest you:

*Royal divine rights.
**Egyptian rulers as gods.
***Is Queen Elizabeth considered as a deity like other monarchs?


  1. The United States was not founded on any biblical beliefs at all. It wouldn’t be until the Cold War began to heat up (roughly around the 1950’s) that Christianity began finding its way on our dollar and in the school systems with the pledge of allegiance because the Soviet Union was believed to be an atheist state. That’s when the lines began to blur. Since then Bible Belt politicians have continued to use faith as law of the land. And have been relatively successful. Despite many of our founding fathers being very openly atheist.

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      • Totally okay, no worries! I think the comment is fine and I’ll leave it up if it’s okay with you 🙂

        As I mentioned to someone else, I think it’s a misnomer and I agree that we were not founded upon Christianity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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      • I do feel as though a majority of Americans would probably say we’re a Christian nation now. I think after 9/11 i feel as though the Bush administration really made some really short sighted and careless comments referring to the war in Iraq as the new crusade and referencing holy wars. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Christianity. I come from a pretty rural part of the country that is pretty conservative and religious. I am not necessarily. But I have no problem with any religion or anyone’s belief’s. That is none of my business 😂

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  2. Thanks, Yari. Not only did many early Americans think this country was a Christian nation (many contemporary Americans still cling to this myth), they thought it was in a special covenant relationship with God. Puritan John Winthrop termed the newly-founded Massachusetts Colony the “city upon a hill” and that thinking has stuck for 400 years. The genuine Gospel became obscured by American civil religion.

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  3. It’s always nice writing up such a “controversial” piece in the world of America and seeing these insights into people’s thoughts and ideas. Nice idea, here. A definitive conversation-starter, that’s for sure! Hope your weekend is lush.

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    • I wouldn’t have thought it was controversial, but I can tell now that it sort of is 🙂 At least for some who might have an aversion to the Bible or not realize that ideas found in the Bible (such as Philemon) were quite new at the time.

      And thanks! I hope your weekend is lush too Hahah 😎

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