One-Sentence Ministering: “I’m A Good Person”

This is for my Christian readers who are mature in the faith but if you don’t fall in this category, it’s okay! You are welcome here, too 🙂

I’m fairly new in the faith, so I had this idea to post some of the misconceptions I used to have ~ the ones that kept me from exploring the Bible and Jesus further.

That way, if you’re a Christian who likes to reach out to unbelievers, you’ll have an idea of some of the excuses you might hear, and be better prepared to answer them. Because, honestly, if someone had explained these things to me earlier, I would have come to Christ much sooner!

Oh, and you’ll have to tell me if it’s “ministering” or “witnessing.” I’m not sure of the difference between the two 😁

So, let me begin! I used to say…

“I don’t need Jesus to save me from sin, because I’m a good person.”

To which you might reply…

Are you perfect?

I thought “sin = bad behavior,” and therefore I was good 👍 I wasn’t a thief or a murderer or a bank robber, so I didn’t need Jesus to save me from all that.

And I think the best response to that is the question: Are you perfect? Because there’s not many people who will claim to be perfect. After all, we’re all human! Had someone explained to me that God’s standard is perfection, I would have began to see “sin” in a new, different (and more accurate) light.

☝️ After this initial pause-inducing question, you can better explain the nature of sin, why we’re all sinners, and why Jesus saves us from that. I think it’s a good foot in the door, don’t you think?

Being good isn’t the same as being saved, and I did not know that. I had no idea that we had all fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). It was my ignorance at the biblical definition of sin that kept me in the dark. (And it was dark!)

Unfortunately, I had many silent Christian friends that could have introduced me to Jesus just by chatting with me. But maybe they weren’t sure how to approach some of my excuses, and that’s why I’m doing this series ~ to give you some ideas on how to begin these chats 🙂

I guess this is my first blog series! Yay! 😄 In the coming blogs (between some K-pop and the other random stuff I blog about) I’ll be addressing a couple of other misconceptions I had, including “repentance = just saying sorry” and “you shouldn’t need the threat of hell to be a good person.”

I hope you enjoy these and that they help you reach out to others!

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


Okay, is it witnessing or ministering?
What are we doing here?


  1. I love this dialogue you’re doing. I love the openness that your mind and heart have and I love the balance I see you continually seeking. Apparently I don’t know if your first name is Jari or Yari yet, but I’m figuring that you will fill me in on that eventually. In the interim, this dialogue is exactly what so many need to hear, so please keep on sharing. Jesus loves you and we do too. God’s grace, peace and blessings to you and yours!

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    • Thanks so much for such a wonderful comment, Bruce! I truly appreciate it 🙂

      Oh, it’s spelled Yari but pronounced Jari so both are technically correct 🤗 Either one is fine, I don’t mind.

      I think some of the misconceptions I used to have are actually quite common, so I’m hoping that by addressing them in this simple way, I can prevent others from falling into the same pitfalls/misconceptions that kept me from seeking Christ for so long. At least that is my goal!

      Thanks again for the encouraging comment!

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    • I didn’t know you were a fellow Christian, that’s good to know! 🙂 And just last night we read Luke, and Luke 15:10 seems very fitting here:

      “In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

      I hope you meet your goal, my friend! 🙂

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  2. Looking forward to more that you will share regarding misconceptions. I like what you said that being good does not equal being saved because however good we do all fall short.
    Blessings Yari

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