The Beauty Inside (K-Drama)

Every time I finish and review a K-drama, I feel like it’s my favorite K-drama. This one, very quickly, stole my heart!! This is definitely one of my favorites πŸ₯° The Beauty Inside (2018).

The Beauty Inside

Han Se-gye is a famous actress who suffers from a strange condition that makes her turn into a different person for a week, in a cycle.

Seo Do-jae is a successful airline director who suffered a brain injury ten years prior. He now deals with prosopagnosia, which makes him unable to recognize faces.

At the start of the drama, they are both dealing with their disabilities in separate ways, but of course, it’s a romance

… so they are thrown in situations together where they’ll have to choose whether to keep their conditions secret (almost ashamed) or share their secrets, trust each other, and help one another.

This. drama. is. so. good!!

It’s a completed drama βœ”οΈβ€οΈ
It’s a romantic comedy, with both humor and deep meaning βœ”οΈβ€οΈ
It’s 16 total episodes, 1 hour each βœ”οΈβ€οΈ
With a FANTASTIC Soundtrack! βœ”οΈβ€οΈ
A wonderful cast and side-stories βœ”οΈβ€οΈ

This K-drama has so many wonderful themes. It poses the question of self-worth when we may have a flaw, disability, or condition that we struggle with. It poses the same question, in relation to someone else– can we truly, fully, and fairly love someone who is struggling with a condition?

It touches on the topic of vanity, greed, and fame. Themes of family, and what we’re willing to do for them, and what we feel like we have to hide from them in order to not inconvenience them.

I caught this quote, which I found very interesting:

so true

The side-character stories also made me sigh, laugh, and bite my nails a bit! I particularly loved the story of Ryu Eun-Ho, who is aspiring to become a priest. And Kang Sa-ra… who falls in love with him.

their story is really touching

The Beauty Inside also has something that American TV lacks (in my opinion). The show poses moral questions at times (such as, is it ever okay to lie, how much can one person give up for another) but doesn’t answer it for you! The show deals with sensitive topics without shoving their opinions down your throat.

The story is fully told, and there are no parts of the plot unanswered, what I mean is that when it comes to the moral dilemmas, this show is not preachy. The story assumes you have a brain and can think for yourself! This makes it so that after an episode, you do sit there for a moment and think, and really reflect on the story being told. It’s wonderful πŸ’–

It also has all the best parts of a K-Drama… Awkward moments, great cinematography, and moments that make you laugh… and moments that make you want to cry.

one of many beautiful settings

It was great to see their flaws clashing together. Hers: Rebellion and unpredictability, burning bridges so that no one would get too close. His: The inability to trust anyone or ask for help. These were both the result of them struggling with their own issues and responsibilities, and their arc is beautiful to see as the show progresses and they start trusting each other.

Although both characters’ conditions are quite specific, the show unfolds in a way that I could really relate to the theme of being different, not wanting to inconvenience other people, and picking up bad habits to hide perceived flaws. (I myself became obnoxiously loud in my early 20’s because my shyness was always criticized as a flaw by my stepfather. Now I’ve come to accept and even enjoy it!)

The Beauty Inside is a wonderful K-drama and I highly recommend it!!


The male lead (actor Lee Min Ki) also appears in Because This is My First Life (2017), another one of my very favorite K-dramas!

And for the constant-complainers, can’t-enjoy-nothing’ers that say K-dramas don’t have older actresses or disabilities: Actress Seo Huyn-jin was in her 30’s during this show, and this show deals with their conditions respectfully and meaningfully. Maybe they should watch more K-dramas, or don’t if they don’t enjoy them.

I watch through the Viki app, free for some shows, with the options to pay for no ads and more shows. They also have C-dramas and shows from other countries, too! πŸ™‚

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao!


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  1. Well that’s an interesting condition to have – changing to a different person every week physically. That is quite the interesting premise for a story and so Korean! πŸ™‚

    Before I forget, if you get a chance to, o highly recommend Windstruck and Daisy. They’re movies not tv shows and they’re so so good. Have Kleenex ready at the end.

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