Urban Coco Skirts Pics and Review

I love wearing skirts 🙂 In fact, my goal is to wear skirts most of the time and finally get over my jeans! When I began making the change from skirts to jeans, I searched for skirts that were both modest and pretty.

And I think I found that with Urban Coco, with this style, which comes in long and short:

great price

Here is the black skirt, in the longer length:

knee- length

I’m not wearing a petticoat, and yet the skirt held this beautiful shape 🙂 The material is nice and thick. The length is perfect!

look at all that fabric!

(Please excuse my lighting. My curtains are purple and it makes my room pink.) Anyway, the waistline is nice and stretchy.

The wine-red skirt, in the longer size:


They are very flattering all around.

Here is the green one:

hunter green

My pink lighting kinda ruined it, but this is a very nice hunter-green color 🙂

perfect length

Even if you twirl around, the length makes it so that it still covers quite well.

Here is the short length compared to the longer length:

big difference

The pink one is for at-home only 😉 And as you can see, there’s quite a few inches of difference! However, the quality is still very good!

for wearing at home

The short, red plaid is about the same as the pink one. Also good quality, also very pretty, but definitely much shorter.

The link to the skirt, for your convenience 🙂 I’m not getting paid for this, I’m just doing it for fun and because I believe that Christian ladies can dress modestly and still look great! 🌸 And if you like showing more leg, the short ones are really good, too!

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


Tyson showed up Hahaha
Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. I used to wear skirts all the time! When I started working in Rehab, skirts were an occupational hazard! You are so right, Christians can be modest and have fun with fashion as well. It does not have to be an either/or but a both/and. Thanks for sharing this!!!!

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    • For privacy. I’ve decided to focus on the blog topic (this time, the skirts are the focus) and not my face. And once the pandemic is over, I might chose to wear a cuter mask or just stick with the same one.


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