How I Read the Bible in 6 Months

This post is for anyone interested in reading the entire Bible. I actually wasn’t Christian when I started reading it, but now I am 😊 It’s a wonderful life-changing experience, no matter who you are.

Here are the quick ABC steps:

A. Make time for fun, because it won’t always be super-fun reading the Bible. Just being honest.
B. Read a little in the morning, a little at night. A little goes a long way.
C. Choose a translation you can read easily. One-Year Bible(s) are a good choice.

Here are the tips, more in-depth:

A. Make time for fun.

There’s no life-hack for making the Bible “more fun.” I mean, I guess you could beatbox and rap your way through the genealogies, but that might be a tad disrespectful πŸ˜‰

But if kids can spend hours learning boring algebra and grammar, imagine how much more we can do as adults. Remember when you were in school? It was boring but necessary!

We can get through books like Numbers by making time for fun outside of Bible reading time. Pick up a James Patterson book if you want fun. Then, when you’re satisfied, come back to your Bible.

A little boredom won’t kill us! 😁

B. Read a little.

What I did was this: I read the Old Testament in the morning with coffee. However long the coffee lasted, the reading lasted. Anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

I read the New Testament at night, before bed. About 15-20 minutes.

Six months later, I had read from Genesis to Revelation.

C. Choose a translation you understand.

I picked up whatever translation I understood. I started with NIV and NLT. But I also have read KJV just because I understood it… and it was free on Kindle πŸ™‚

The One-Year Bible is actually a good choice to keep organized, and you can always read more to get done in 6 months.

I do not recommend The Passion translation. You’ll be wasting your time, money, and life.**

Fair Warning: Prepare to be Surprised!

I like to compare my Bible-reading experience to the first time I watched Star Wars, waiting for that famous line: “Luke, I am your father.”

Imagine my surprise when that’s not what he says!

In the same way, as you read through the Bible, you’ll notice that some things are different from what “pop culture” says is in there. A LOT of things are different.

Whether you’re reading because you’re curious, because you’re a Christian, or because you just want to know what’s in there (that’s what prompted me to read it), I hope that the experience is a good one for you πŸ™‚

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao!


** One of many videos on why The Passion is not a good choice. Here’s another.

Happy Reading!


  1. That’s really great that you read the Bible out of curiosity and it has led you to become a Christian. I consider myself a Christian but know that I need to read the Bible in more depth. I am currently following plans on the You Version Bible app and also have study Bible on hand that I need to use more.

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  2. Good post, Yari, and good for you for both reading the Bible in 6 months and encouraging others to do so. The mathematical formula for getting through the Bible in a year is 4 chapters a day (and, of course, 8 chapters a day to read the Bible twice yearly, which is what I do).

    It’s all about commitment and seeing the importance of Bible reading. And one other thing: It’s all about Christians such as yourself who have dedicated yourself to reading your full Bible and encouraging others to do it!

    Way to go, Yari!

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    • Thanks so much, Mr. David! And that’s really good to know. I wasn’t that organized when I started 😁 Eventually I got the One-Year Bible which helps my husband and I read it together.

      Commitment is really the key. I simply added it to my routine (coffee, night reading) and that worked out well. It also had this snowball effect, that the more I read, the more I wanted to know!

      Thanks again! πŸ™‚

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      • So true, Yari, about the more you read, the more you want to know. That is exactly what I was like way back in 1986 when I gave my life to Christ. After reading the Bible for a time and having to stop, I couldn’t wait to get back to it again to see what was there. I just had to know!

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  3. This is very inspiring! I’ve been a Christian nearly my whole life and read much of the Bible through different studies but I’ve never actually read through the entire thing and always wanted to! I think a new 2021 goal for me. Thanks Yari! πŸ™‚

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  4. Thanks, Yari! I was absolutely floored the first time I read through the Bible, although parts of the Old Testament were a bit daunting – much more appreciated over time with Bible study aids.

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    • Yes, “floored” is a great way to describe it! Parts of the Old Testament are definitely difficult for me, especially Numbers and when they get too much into cubits and such. I’ve never tried a Bible study, but I have at least one commentary on my ebook wishlist that came well recommended.

      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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  5. Reading through the Bible is so worth it on many levels. It’s wonderful knowing where things are and how it all fits together. Plus as you said some of what we hear isn’t even true. Reading the Bible straightens out our thinking. But best of all reading the Bible is reading God’s word to us. God wants to get into a conversation with us and as it did with you reading the Bible can result in becoming a Christian. How wonderful is that!

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  6. Enjoyed your post Yari, and your advice on not using the TPT is sound. The word β€œdelight” came to my mind as opposed to β€œfun”, although I do know what you mean. But that will change because the Bible is deep good that is much better than fun. Fun is fleeting while deep good is forever. The next time you read through the Old Testament, read of the person, like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses etc. Get to know them as you read, it changes everything. God’s blessings to you and yours.

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  7. My husband and I have been reading the Bible in its entirety, Old and New Testaments, page by page, on weekday mornings before he leaves for work. I agree that there are many surprises! We started about two years ago and are almost to the end. I’ve been to Bible studies, too.

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  8. I just absolutely loved every single line of this post. You were real, funny, practical and truthful.
    It made me smile and also made me think about the fact that we can spend so much time doing other stuff but when it comes to reading the Bible we can be quick to finish up for the day.
    Good on you for finishing it within six month.

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  9. Can only double down on the β€˜do a little morning and night’ bit. It’s such a great tip!

    I’ve been trying to teach myself coding and I realised that I’d often be too tired at night after putting in a full day at work plus gym plus chores plus looking after the hubs. So I try and get as much time as I can get in the morning (maybe 30-60 minutes), then another shorter session at night (another thirty minutes maybe), rather than drag myself through one prolonged but probably less effective session at night and it’s made all the difference in progressing through my online learning programming curriculum. I still suck though lol

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    • Wow, coding! That’s pretty much like learning a new language. Only harder, IMO. My husband does coding and it all looks so confusing to me πŸ˜… You sound so dedicated, so keep at it and I’m sure you’ll be great at it! πŸ™‚

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      • I WISH it were like learning a new language because that’s actually what I’m good at! Instead it’s full on logic all over the place 😝

        Can I ask what industry he’s in / what he does in his day to day or is that private? (Web dev, apps, games, …?) If it’s private that’s fine. I have a cousin who does IT for the government and that’s ALL he could tell his own wife, even she doesn’t know what he does on the daily 🀐

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      • Oh it’s not a secret or anything. He’s a web developer/he does coding. He doesn’t do apps or games, I think he builds websites for a specific company, but honestly it all looks very confusing to me πŸ˜… It does look much more difficult than learning a language. I bet you have to study quite a bit, no?


  10. I love that you’re reading the Bible all the way through! πŸ˜€I’ve read the King James Version through twice, using those little planners where you read from different parts each day. This time I decided to start in Genesis and go all the way straight through. I’m on Jeremiah now, but I should be farther. I’m told that the audio recordings of the entire Bible are about 72 hours long, so if you read aloud at a decent pace I guess that’s how long it would take. Also speaking of audio recordings, my absolute favorite reader is Alexander Scourby. πŸ˜€

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  11. I love this! What a great idea it is to split it up between morning and night, and to read until you finish your coffee – brilliant idea! I’ve read through my entire Bible but I’ve never intentionally tried to read the whole thing in a year or even 6-months, but I’m sure it would be a wonderful to my soul to read it fully through at least once every year

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