Explaining “jarilissima”

What is jarilissima?

😁 jarilissima is a fun twist on my name, Yari, which is pronounced “Jari.” Like a “J” and not a “Y”.

But saying it either way is fine. I’ve actually always loved that different people have their own way of saying my name. Some say it like a “Y,” some like a “J.” Some people say it almost like “Geri”! πŸ˜„


“-issimo” or “-issima” is a way of saying “very” in Italian. For instance, bella means beautiful and bellissima means very beautiful. I think that’s called an absolute superlative.

This blog is “very jari” 😁 Ramen noodles and movies and fashion and my faith. Anything I want to blog about that day. It’s just Yari doing Yari things πŸ˜„

The extra L is there just to sound pretty. Hahaha Put it all together…

…And you get jari – l- issima πŸŽ‰ jarilissima! I like the way it looks in lowercase πŸ™‚

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao!


Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Very creative! I had been trying to figure that out 🧐 I got the β€œ-issima”due to its similarity to Spanish and had seen a few people refer to you as β€œYari” in their comments. Also due to Spanish, in my mind I have been pronouncing the β€œJ” like an β€œH” πŸ˜‹

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    • Mandy, you are so sweet! I have no words! 😊❀️ I’m definitely blessed that God brought you into my life. It was because of your encouragement that I finally got that push to finally text my mother. Well, you know the rest from our emails 😊

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      • Thanks so much. Not really brave, I was super nervous, but had encouragement 😊 My story is a bit of a long one but I’m happy to say that my mother and I have been communicating again πŸ™‚

        I also don’t know your situation, but I know it can be very difficult to be in that position of not speaking to family. I’m sorry you’re going through that. For a long time I didn’t have contact with family, due to safety reasons, and I still have a lot of healthy boundaries up, so I can relate to being unsure.

        My mom took it well, considering. I hope that things work out for the best with you and your family, whether that’s being in touch or not ❀️

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  2. I never knew! There are so many unique blog names out there and it is hard to try and separate the words or languages to know what the blogger may be going for. I love your blog name! Thanks for explaining it. It is really cool!

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  3. This is interesting to know! πŸ‘€ I was wondering what it meant exactly. Also, as I am a new blogger, it’s nice to have your support on my blogs. 🌸

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