Kawaii Hair Inspired by Wig

I did some kawaii (newbie) hairstyles based on this wig:

wig from syndromestore.com

First, I did the exact same style as the wig:

white shirt so you can see my dark hair πŸ™‚

But then I realized that I like the ponytails and ribbons higher up!

much more perky!

Then I tied the ponytails into buns, like this:

all buns are cute!

And to add a super kawaii element to the bun look…

panda clips

Panda hair clips! 🐼

okay, I feel adorable πŸ˜†

I always have a hard time Googling hairstyles for my hair-type and length, so I figured I can just start doing my own 😁❀️

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao!


thanks for stopping by!
have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So cute! I loved how you took an existing idea and made it your own.

    Also are you Benjamin Buttoning or what? Every time you appear on the blog, you seem to be getting younger!

    As for hairstyles, do you do braids much, seeing as you liked those little ones near your temples? French braids? Braids that look like crowns?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! That made me literally LOL 😁 I don’t know, I’ve always looked young. Then again, I don’t drink or smoke or stress out, so that probably helps, too πŸ‘

      I’ve tried so many times, and cannot do the French braid correctly 😭 The length makes it difficult, I think. I end up with a tangled mess.

      I do love doing the two little braids that meet in the back… Like Drew Barrymore’s hair in Ever After. It’s a super simple and so cute look!


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