A Homemaker, Not A Brand

I’ve noticed that social media has done something damaging to the modern homemaker: It has frazzled her.

It has made her think that being a homemaker is not enough. That if you’re not working outside the home, you better be hustling to make your house perfect and make yourself a brand online!

I know, I’m a homemaker myself πŸ™‚ And…

Being a homemaker is enough.

It really is πŸ’– You’re the special glue that holds the family together. As a homemaker, you decorate, mend, listen.

You cook, clean, and wash… and you’re the magic that makes a house feel like a home. (You’re also the magic that makes sure your husband eats more than just pizza, but that’s besides the point 😁)

Is it not warmer and are there not more smiles when you’re around? πŸ₯°

Enter Social Media

And then here comes social media, stomping its feet and demanding that your house look bigger! Better! Cleaner! Do you shop at Dollar Tree? Pfffftt! It’s nothing but organic hand-made locally-sourced luxury for other homemakers, don’t you know??

But wait! In an attempt to balance this veneer of perfection, you must share your deepest, darkest, juiciest flaws, too!! 😈 Go on. Over-share. We’re waiting…

😏 Nah. You don’t need any of that.

You’re a person, not a brand.

I think 2021 is a good time to humanize people online again. Your husband didn’t marry a brand. Your kids don’t look up to a brand. Your friends don’t love a brand.

They love YOU.

And that’s beautiful!

So, relax 😌

You’re a homemaker, not a brand.

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye!Β Ciao!


Forget the internet!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Well said! Thank you for sharing this. Definitely needs to be heard. How easy it is to feel like being a homemaker is not a valuable thing, but you are right. It’s both valuable and it’s unique. There’s only one of each of us and being the woman God created us to be is more beautiful than any brand. Thank you!

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