Closet-Shopping for Kawaii

I guess you could say I’m going through an anime phase 🦄✨

However, I’m also on Lockdown: Round Deux ☹️ so I can’t exactly go shopping for cute stuff. Welp! I decided to “closet-shop” instead! I’m finding old pieces and putting them together, to see if I can end up looking cute 🤩

Because, let’s face it: pajamas have been the official uniform of 2020 😏

Here are some of the items I’m working with 👇

The only “expensive” thing was the tutu petticoat, and that was thrifted!

Put it all together and…

eee! I feel pretty!

Now, I should say that this is kawaii / anime inspired ~ because I have no idea what I’m doing! I don’t belong to any online communities that can help me with this, I just recently got back into anime and manga, and I’m just having a bit of fun 🙂

The accessories are thrifted gloves and a cute handbag that was a gift from my family.

Yay! Overall, I think I did okay. I think I need more ribbons in my hair and some cute shoes, and I’ll be all set! I can’t wait to closet-shop again 🙂

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


do what you can to have fun and be happy!


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