Rap Snacks E-40

Recently I took a trip to the local Save-A-Lot to top off on some groceries, and I always have to look at the ramen section of every store I go to, and this time, I found ramen I have never tried before!

New ramen!
E-40 Ramen Noodles
by Rap Snacks

Rap Snacks has chips and ramen, but I could not find the chips. Still, I found 3 flavors and today I try the first: prime rib. These ramen cups also come with inspirational messages.

reprinted below 👇

Believe in your own dreams before you believe in somebody else’s dreams… You smell me? Your personality and networking skills will take you a long way. Always remember, stay down until you come up… Real talk.

oops I broke it

First thing I noticed is that there are no bags to mess with! The cup is already ready to go, with the seasonings and vegetables on the noodles. Simply fill up to the water line and microwave for 3 minutes.


And soon, they are done and ready to eat! My first impression is that this ramen is not as salty as other ramen. Which is probably a good thing! The broth was nice and flavorful, and the noodles the expected consistency 👍

very nice!

Rap Snacks operates out of Atlanta, so from what I understand, these are made in America. I have two more Rap Snacks to review, Master P Creamy Chicken Gumbo and Boosie Louisiana Hot & Spicy Chicken. I’ll share the reviews with you in the near future 🙂

can’t wait 😋

My husband is from Louisiana, so we are looking forward to the Louisiana Hot & Spicy and the Gumbo! 😍

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


Gah! I made a mess 😅


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