How Are You Most Often Misunderstood?

My refusal to gossip has gotten me into trouble.

I know! Who would have thunk?? I thought that would be a good thing.

But when people start talking about someone who is not in the room, I get this sinking, awful feeling. It feels wrong, and I clam up.

More often than not, people assume that I’m “taking their side.” And when the other person wants to gossip, I clam up, and then that person thinks I’m “taking their side!” So I end up on both/nobody’s side! It’s a weird circle πŸ˜•

Now when people open up to me about so-and-so, I ask gently, “Have you spoken to them about it?” I get blank stares.

I think I come across as taking sides, or not being interested, or being insensitive to feelings, but honestly… I just get really uncomfortable with gossip!

How are you most often misunderstood?

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao!


I got the question from this book but I will not be going through the whole thing πŸ™‚


  1. When people gossip, I usually try to turn the conversation to anything good I can point out about the subject of the gossip….just to change the drift. It often works!

    I feel like I am most misunderstood when I take a middle stance on anything. Some will say I am β€œsitting on the fence” and that this is weak, or I am weak, or a hypocrite, but personally it is often the place of most strength for me. I’ve not always made up my mind about an issue and like to keep my options open and be able to talk to many different people and eventually come to the truth of the matter, if possible. It might be a slow process, and yes, I risk being dreadfully misunderstood, and often am, but it is worth it to me…..

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    • Thanks so much for sharing, Ann πŸ™‚ And welcome to my blog!

      Wow, I never realized that could be cause for misunderstanding, since that seems like such a normal process! It sounds like people are impatient, when in reality, not rushing to a conclusion is a very smart thing to do πŸ‘

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