Because This is My First Life (K-Drama)

I just watched and LOVED Because This is My First Life (K-drama, 2017) ❤️ and it has now become my favorite Korean drama! 🙂

This is a completed drama ❤️✔️

A clean and cute romantic comedy ❤️✔️

16 episodes, a little over an hour each ❤️✔️

It has a wonderful soundtrack! ❤️✔️

Plot: To save money, Nam-Se Hee and Yoon Ji-ho marry and move in together. He is a level-headed engineer; she is a struggling writer. They get along well, until chemistry starts to grow between them. That’s when we see what brings them together, and what could possibly keep them apart.

This drama made me smile a lot, and it became close to my heart, because my husband and I met in much the same way! Our life situations threw us together (him an engineer, me a writer) and we had to learn how to get along 🙂

Much like in this drama, chemistry and a bond started to grow 🥰 Now, many years later, we are still happy together ❤️ Mine is truly a love story out of a K-soap 🤭

The words I learned most in this drama were:

우리 = which means “us” (or “we”)
남편 = which means “husband”


Although it’s a romantic comedy, it was still surprisingly deep and emotional, with all characters (including side-characters) having profound and interesting conflict and character growth. It was really very well done, with many twists and turns I didn’t see coming, and perfect foreshadowing (the kind you don’t notice until it surprises you!).

But it did have all the awkward cuteness that I love! 😁

The side-characters were very likeable
and also had wonderful stories of their own!
Hahaha! aw-kward!😅

I’m really going to miss all the characters 😭 and I might even watch it again– this time without subtitles to really practice my Korean! 💪

They were all so awesome 🙂

I very much recommend this K-drama, Because This is My First Life 💖

안녕! Bye! Ciao!



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