Cleaning the Oven

I’m a really great homemaker except for two things ~ cleaning the tub and the oven. Uuuughghghg I hate cleaning those two! Even though there’s an unspoken agreement that I clean the inside of the house and my husband takes care of the outside (mowing the lawn, garbage, weeding…), I often talk him into taking care of the tub 😝

But the oven has been collecting junk for… a long time, and I figured it was time to clean it.

please don’t judge me πŸ˜…

I always follow recipes from YouTube and they never work, so I figured: why not follow YouTube cleaning advice too? πŸ™ƒ What’s the worse that could happen?

So I used white vinegar, baking soda, and some disposable gloves.

my ramen stash made it in the photo

I made a paste with these ingredients and mixed it up well.


Then I coated the door of the oven with the paste. This was my first time trying this, so I only put it on the oven door (thinking that if it worked, I’d go back and do the whole oven).

wait 30-60 minutes…

After 60 minutes, I came back with a sponge, dipping it into the vinegar and scrubby dub dubbing away at the mess. Let me tell ya, it’s not as easy as YouTubers make it seem! There was a lot of scrubbing, and my husband had to join in with his muscle.

And after a lot of sweat…

clean! ish. Clean-ish. Just the door :-p

All the scrubbing finally paid off!


There’s a pretty big difference, but my oven was reeeeeal dirty. I like that I can see through the glass and that now all I have to do is upkeep.

Would I recommend it?

Oh. No. Nooooo, no, no, no πŸ˜‚ Goodness, no. Especially if you’re nearing 40 like me and your knees ain’t what they used to be… You’d be better off paying someone else to do it, or perhaps trying out your oven’s self-cleaning mode.

Never again!

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao!


Have a great weekend!
Don’t clean anything,
just enjoy it!


  1. Not judging but don’t let it get that bad. Wipe up any spills as they happen (or shortly thereafter) and place a sheet of aluminum foil on the rack to catch drips.

    I’m older than you, got a funny knee and ankle so even with a self-cleaning oven, I have to bend way down to wipe out any residue afterwards and frankly, my oven is very deep! And it’s not like I can lean on the glass because that’s liable to break so…

    But good stuff to use instead of Easy Off spray cleaner.

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