Tips for Dog Pics

My little Tyson is such a great model! But he wasn’t born that way, he learned it 😉 Like any good model, he’s had practice!

Tyson sure loves his toys!

Step One: Teach your dog to sit/lay down for yummy treats.

Step Two: Grab your camera, hold up the treat, and ask him to sit.

Step Three: Reward him for being good 🙂

strike a pose
look at those rolls

Tip: You can move the treat just behind the camera, or just above it, so that your dog looks in the direction you want him to look.

☝️ Treat to the left, treat to the right. His eyes will follow the snack 🙂

That’s it! Dogs are pretty simple. If you’re good to them, make sure they get exercise, and have plenty of food/water, then they are good boys. Positive reinforcement sticks pretty much permanently, so keep those nice (little) treats coming! 😍

Oh, and he also loves his kennel. He used to hate it when we got him, but we literally fed him nice turkey while inside the kennel, and now he goes in and out voluntarily. He likes sleeping on the pillow we keep in there. Positive reinforcement (and turkey!) ~ it is magic 😁

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


Have a beautiful day!


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