My First 3 Pics

I just got a camera, and I’ve been playing with it 🙂

Zooming in on some Birds

I tried out some zoom. These birds are at the top of a tree, higher than my 2nd story window. So… not bad! 🙂 I hope the owl that visits sometimes comes around, so I can take a photo of him zoomed in. That would be cool ❤️

cloudy, zoomed in

We saw an airplane, and joking around, I zoomed in on it and took a photo. I thought I’d get a blurry little thing, but hey! Not too bad, right? That was way far, so I’m excited of what other pics I can take of birds/nature/etc from afar.

I also got a little artsy and creative with my pics. I call this one:

Le chien pensif.

My dog, Tyson Evander Holyfield
Le chien pensif.


안녕! Bye! Ciao!


Bonus pic!

Bird butt!



  1. Jarilissima, cameras still have a lot of power. Have you noticed how quickly people’s behavior changes the moment they see someone with a camera? The birds seem unaffected by this syndrome, but the dog… Great pictures! all the best! Cheryl

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  2. How fun! Keep it up. 😊
    I wish I had a good zoom on my phone. We have bald eagles near us, and one just flew high overhead.

    P.S. I’m impressed that I see at least four languages in your post! (I used to teach French, so I enjoyed the “chien pensif,” besides the great composition of the shot.)

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    • That was the only drawback to using my phone’s camera– no zoom, and I needed good lighting always. I’m super happy that I decided to buy a separate camera with zoom and other goodies 🙂

      And thanks! I already know English and Spanish, and I’m learning Italian (close to Spanish) and Korean. My husband is the one that knows a lot of French 🙂

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