Chick O Sticks

Imagine a naked Butterfinger, with no chocolate. It’s better than you’d think! 🙂

peanut butter + toasted coconut

The peanut butter overtakes the coconut, so there’s not much coconut flavor. These are crispy crunchy and very messy! I took a bite to show you the middle and it fell apart, but the mess is part of the fun 😉

I used to eat these as a kid, but they weren’t minis. They were long sticks of peanut butter and coconut, still as crispy and messy and yummy.

original Chick-O-Sticks

All in all, these are really good if you love crunchy peanut buttery coconut snacks 👍👍👍 Great if you like Butterfinger but don’t want the chocolate. They stick to your teeth 😁

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


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