Not For Me

Yesterday I posted a funny story about Latin telenovelas and why I don’t watch them. I’ve watched several, and none make me sigh and smile like K-dramas do πŸ™‚

I recently unfollowed a bummer blog that had a long list of everything “wrong” with K-dramas: everything, from the way the actors look, to their age, to their themes and culture. And I wondered…

Have people forgotten to say:

This is not for me.

I don’t love telenovelas, but I don’t have a long list of demands for Latin TV to change their soaps to suit my likes, my dislikes, and my preferences. Especially demanding that a culture change to fit American culture, how rude!

That blog especially irked me because many of their complaints were wrong: They DO have K-dramas with older female leads. They DO have dramas with people with disabilities. They DO have dramas (and plenty) with people who aren’t rich.

I guess all I can say about their bummer blog is…

This is not for me.

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao!



  1. My hubby was obsessed over Crash Landing On You. Have you seen that? I love Korean zombie stuff. Have you seen Kingdom? So good. Imagine Game of Thrones meets Zombies.

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