I Am Legend Book

I read I Am Legend, not knowing it was a book published in 1954 (though a few words tipped me off) and also having watched the newer movie (2007).

I’m surprised they even remotely linked the movie to the book, since Richard Matheson’s book is 100% nothing like the film!

city, contemporarysuburbs, 1950’s
scientistnormal man
crazy zombiesintelligent zombies
happy sappy endingum…

I found the book to be much more emotional, harsh, and realistic.

Not for the weak-stomached, as the author is not shy about facing the darker side of humanity. Everything from longings of lust, to loneliness, to self-reflection, to ethics and alcoholism and murder.

All in all, I can’t believe it was from the 1950’s! I bet it absolutely blew people’s minds back then, and even today, it remains an impressive book.

Book: 책 🇰🇷 Book: libro 🇮🇹

안녕! Bye! Ciao!



    • Right? :-/ And it will definitely feel like you’re reading something very different from the movie. Which is good, because you won’t see what’s coming 😀

      I did enjoy the movie, though. It was pretty frightening…

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