~ * Matched Trilogy * ~

Super poetic dystopian YA trilogy with a love triangle…

What I loved:

So much poetry, metaphor, and meaning! 😍 The prose in these books… simply beautiful.

The love triangle isn’t hollow. There are themes of friendship, trust, and a love that transcends “being in love” to “truly loving someone.”

Family. The characters have a rich history and relationship with their families.

Very creative, to say the least! It borders on sci-fi.

These books made me ask:

  • Does loving someone sometimes mean letting go?
  • How much can one risk to stand up for what is right?
  • Should I add more poetry into my life? 🌹
  • Why do we place limits on forgiveness?

I really loved these books, and will be re-donating them to Goodwill (where I bought them) so that other people can enjoy them!

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


I don’t say this often, but…
I hope they make these into movies!


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