Snow Pics to Cool You Off

Hi! It is SO HOT here! I live in Colorado and I wanted to share with you some very nice snow photos I took last year. Actually, the snow stayed into April 2020, so some of these are actually pretty recent!

The view from my 2nd story home office… in April!!
Tip-toeing through the snow after getting my hair done πŸ™‚
We have to make paths for Tyson, otherwise he disappears in the snow!
My husband reeeally wanted to throw a snowball at the house. I said, please don’t hit the window x-)
I live in a beautiful snow globe

I hope you are staying cool!

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao! πŸ¦‹


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the photos! Poor Tyson, I can see how he could get lost in the snow! It really doesn’t snow here in Fresno, maybe once every five years if that. And it usually melts right when it hits the ground!

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    • Hahaha Yeah, the snow gets higher than him in the winter 😁 We dig him tunnels to run around in the back yard.

      I lived in California for a few years, closer to L.A. and it was the same. Sometimes it snowed, but then it was gone.

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