Meow, The Secret Boy (K-Drama)

I just finished watching Meow, The Secret Boy and I loved it!! ❤️🐱

they fall in love

This is a love story about Hong Jo ~ a very special cat that meets a lovely girl. There’s something about the girl, Kim Sol-Ah, that lets Hong Jo turn into a real person!

It’s less weird than it sounds, I promise 😹

Hong Jo (the person and the cat)

The story is very wholesome and emotional. There are really funny moments too! This K-drama made me laugh out loud, made me get teary-eyed, and made me sigh 🙂

It has a cool quote at the beginning of each 30-minute episode:

don’t I know it! 😀

This is a:

✔️ Wholesome drama
✔️ Completed drama
✔️ Love story
✔️ With some comedy 🙂
✔️ Very romantic!!
✔️ With a very nice subplot

I also liked the side love story between a super-shy girl and a clueless guy!

the side love story was lovely ❤️

I really, really enjoyed this drama!! The lovers had great chemistry and it was a very fun, creative, and sweet series! ❤️

Meow, The Secret Boy

안녕! Bye! Ciao! 🦋



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