Whopper Jrrrrrr

I worked at Burger King at 15, and if you’re familiar with the fast food joint, its most popular burgers are the “Whopper” and the “Whopper Jr.” which is a smaller burger, hence “junior.”

I’m at the register and a Korean man, around 30 years old, comes up to the counter.

“A Whopper Jrrrrr,” he says.

I smirk. He smirks.
We both know it’s silly 😁

“Whopper Jrrrr,” he repeats, holding back laughter.

Oh, boy. The giggles started. Both of us.

I also had to learn English the hard way, and he could tell. It’s like we had a small moment of “Yeah, English sucks.” Hahaha (Let me tell ya, it’s a hard language to learn!)

“It’s Whopper Junior,” I tell him.


Hahaha You could hear the facepalm in his voice. How are you supposed to know it’s “junior” and not “jrrr”? 😂 Ah, language is funny.

Don’t even get me started on the Subway girl that burst out in laughter when I said “mine- straw- un…” instead of “minestrone.” 😏

안녕! Bye! Ciao!



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