False and Funny

Hi 👋🙂 Let me tell ya something funny.

When I was a teen I worked at Burger King. I was around 16 and just starting to experiment with a little makeup. I wore eyeliner and had just discovered false eyelashes. I loved them! Still do!

A couple of older ladies came up to the line. They must have been in their late 60’s or early 70’s.

They were enamored with my eyelashes! They complimented them heartily, but I let them know that they weren’t my real lashes, they were false.

“They didn’t have all that in my time,” one of the ladies said. “You have all kinds of nice things, false eyelashes, false bosoms…”

Her friend piped up: “Now all we have is false teeth!”


That made my day! I still remember it now, a few decades later!

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


(It’s pronounced jarilissima)

Stay light-hearted, my friends. Life is hard, and if you take it all too seriously, it’s even harder. Make lemonade, don’t just suck on those lemons.



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