Happy Album

The moment I found this album, my spirit cried “Yesss!” 😍

You ever get that feeling?

When you find the album with the right mix of upbeat, joy, emotion, and rhythm? When you like every song and you just know that this will be the album that fills you with nostalgia years down the road?

Love it!

That album would be Fine Line by Harry Styles. I know nothing of the kid except that he was in a boy band and has a fantastic talent. (Also, as I get older, every young adult just seems like a kid. So young! Hahaha 🤗 )

Anyway, the songs are all strawberry goodness, summery, love come/gone/desired ❤️ There’s no way I won’t dance if these songs come on 😋

This is currently playing on repeat and I am so glad I found it! jarilissima loves 🥰

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


Shy about dancing?
Try looking at it more as a
personal release, self-expression
for yourself
and less as a performance for others.


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