Home Ec

A room full of sewing machines and kids. Middle school.

We learned how to use the sewing machines by tracing lines on a paper without any thread. The teacher told the boys the pedal was like driving a car, and suddenly they were all into it 😁

We made small pillows in the shape of donuts, pencils, cats ~ complete with sprinkles, erasers, and eyes.

We learned the proper way to wash dishes. We baked cookies. But the best part? We ate them!

We were asked to predict the new fashions that would come. This was 1995 and one of the guys said bell bottoms would make a comeback. (They did, in 1998!!!).

He made paper bell bottoms for a girl he liked, then made a show of being able to help her up and down from a table for an impromptu fashion show. She giggled uncontrollably πŸ˜‹

*good times…

The teacher said women are better at multi-tasking. All the boys puffed up, and with laughter, we talked the teacher into letting us do a contest. Girls rule, boys drool! Ah, the middle school mantra.

The girls took one make-believe kitchen, the boys took the other. Thinking back, that was a cool set-up: sewing machines, tiny functioning kitchens, supply closets…

Anyway, the girls all worked together quietly, measuring, microwaving, baking. The boys were too focused on winning, on hyping each other up. I’ll let you wonder who won and who made “well-done” cookies πŸ˜‰

It was a fun time. We learned to follow recipes, sew, work together. We learned how to take care of a home. We learned that it could be fun!

We even learned the deep secrets of folding a fitted sheet.

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao! πŸ€—


I hope Home Ec is still a thing!

* Beautiful image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay !


  1. Wow !
    This post brings back a lot of memories.
    We also had home ec. classes, but only for the girls. Boys took ‘shop’ classes, and we were never told what they learned there.
    Our school had separate entrances for girls and boys.

    Girls were forbidden to wear trousers, and boys had to have their shirts tucked in, and if their hair length touched their collar at the back, they were sent home.
    Times have changed ! 😁

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    • That is so interesting! We also had shop, but it wasn’t restricted. Anyone could take it, and some girls did. I think they made items out of wood and built tables and such.

      My goodness, they were really trying to keep the boys and girls apart at that school, eh πŸ™‚ I bet that only heightened the curiosity at that age! hahaha

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  2. I definitely don’t remember any boys in my home ec class. I do remember making a psychedelic-patyerned pair of pants and a book bag. I don’t remember cooking anything.

    I probably would’ve enjoyed shop class more, lol.

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      • At least you made cookies! I don’t remember cooking. Maybe we did.

        I don’t think so, just the boys.

        And that’s supposed to be the word patterned, lol.

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  3. When I took Home Ec, it was in high school in the 70s. Home Ec was only for girls. Boys took a separate class called Bachelor’s SurvivalπŸ˜‚. Girls couldn’t take wood shop, but I always thought it sounded more fun than Home Ec!

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