SweeTarts vs Bottle Caps

The town where I live is still quiet and mostly closed, so I had to dig in my bag to find new candy to enjoy and blog about 😋 This is just something silly and simple I like to do, and it’s yum and fun, so let’s taste some 사탕!

SweeTarts vs Bottle Caps

SweeTarts first impressions:

~ a burst of flavor!
~ super sweet and sugary 😍

Bottle Caps

~ very aromatic… they smell so good!
~ not as sweet, but tastes like soda bubbles 🥰

The winner is…

SweeTarts! 😁

Bottle Caps is a very curious candy, because it tastes so much like soda pop. But in the end, Bottle Caps are just not as flavorful and sweet as SweeTarts, who stole my heart today 😘 SweeTarts are the right amount of sweet and tasty!

That was fun! I hope you enjoy some caramella today!

안녕! Bye! Ciao!



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