Train to Busan (2016, Korean)

I thought I was watching a zombie horror film, not an emotional roller coaster of feelings! 😭

My goodness, Train to Busan was such an amazing surprise! The gist of the movie is this: There’s a zombie outbreak in Korea and it focuses on the people stuck in a train heading to different destinations.

Delight Tidbits:

1. Not too much gore. The focus isn’t to gross you out, like other zombie media.

2. More action and suspense than horror. The movie isn’t really scary, but will keep you at the edge of your seat with suspense!

3. Super emotional, my goodness. I cared about the characters, their stories, their values. Wow.

This movie was extremely creative, and it had to be, because it focuses on a fairly small setting ~ a train. It doesn’t stick there the whole time, but much of the movie does, without hurting the adventure and action of the plot.

What I found most surprising was how the movie makes you care about the characters. There’s no throwaways, no stereotypes, no plot devices. These feel like real people, with real values and worries and issues. Even the more antagonistic characters make you feel different feelings. There are very good character arcs in this film.

This movie is full of ethical dilemmas. New stuff out of Hollywood seems to be focusing on “racism is bad.” And it is. But we already knew that. There’s no dilemma in that. Ethical dilemmas come from making choices that are not clearly “good” or “bad.” Choices that have many possible consequences.

I watched it free on Prime (for members) but it’s also inexpensive to rent.

I honestly think that if Hollywood keeps cranking out superhero movies or all-female remakes, reboots, and more remakes, some other country is going to surpass Hollywood as a movie-making powerhouse.

Because this movie blew me away.

So much so that I was going to take the month of May off blogging, but I had to write about this movie 😍

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


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