Glass by Ellen Hopkins is the 2nd book in the Crank trilogy.

It picks up right after Crank, following Kristina and her new situation after having become addicted to “the monster.” Aka: crystal meth. Kristina is still in her late teens and struggling with her new situation and lingering addiction.


I knew that Ellen Hopkins had written these fictionalized books based on real events, personal events of her and her own daughter, but it didn’t hit me until Glass just how brave she was for doing this. I think it’s because in Glass, we get to see more of Kristina’s family and just how much her mother tries to save Kristina from the claws of crystal meth.

It’s a very intense emotional ride.

(Nothing that an adult can’t handle. These books are, after all, for teens.)

I found myself feeling so bad for Kristina and her inner struggles. 💔 I could see what she wanted– love, affection, happiness. Things that we all want. And I could see her falling headfirst, trying to get these things from all the wrong places.

I loved that this book:

1. Does not candy-coat the struggles with drugs.

2. Doesn’t portray Kristina as a mindless monster– she does what she does because of her addictions… yet the book does not make excuses for her.

3. Adds more of an emotional/personal/human element by having more of Kristina’s family in the story.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am loving books by Ellen Hopkins! She has shared so much of herself, her life, her pain through these books. And not only that, but the pain of her own daughter, of addicts everywhere, of the families that struggle with addiction either directly or through a family member.

I am currently reading Fallout, the last book in the trilogy, and let me tell you: It’s already so good! 😭

I will share more about it once I finish reading.

These books, like most bestsellers, can be found very cheap at many thrift stores. That’s where I got most of mine from. They are also in most libraries.

Perfect was also pretty good.

안녕! Bye! Ciao!



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