Korean Words I Learned from K-Dramas

Even before starting my Korean-learning journey, I picked up a few words from watching Korean Dramas 🙂 Watching conversations– hearing the tone, seeing the body language –is such an organic way to learn!

여보세요 = “hello” usually on the phone.

I noticed that the characters weren’t saying 안녕하세요 when picking up the phone. That was the way I learned to say hello, which is correct, but by watching dramas I saw that often on the phone, “hello” is 여보세요 (pronounced yeoboseyo).



대표님 = “CEO”

There is formal and informal speech in South Korea, very similar to Spanish. Often, a person is addressed by their title, such as “teacher,” or “chef.”

While watching my soaps, I kept hearing “daepyonim, daepyonim.” Usually someone speaking to the CEO.

대표님 of the cleaning company

(Clean With Passion for Now)

I finally was able to get the spelling right, and it means CEO! 😆

그래 = “Okay”

This one took me forever to find! I knew it had to mean: okay, alright, sure. Something like that, because that was always the context in the dramas. Pronounced a bit like “kreh,” I couldn’t spell it or find it for sure 😫

Then I stumbled onto a cartoon with Korean subtitles that said it! ❤️❤️❤️

The channel is 오늘의 영상툰

I’ll link it below.

그래!!! That’s what I was looking for! And just like I surmised from the context of it spoken, it means okay/alright/sure.

I’ve learned a few more just from watching, but those were the ones I kept hearing and took me a bit of searching to find 🙂 Oh, if you’d like to watch K-dramas or the cartoon,
I watch my dramas at:

Rakuten Viki

YouTube Cartoon

Viki is free with ads, or pay for no ads.

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


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