Dress Up Ramen

안녕 friends! I first wanted to say that I hope you are well. During this difficult time, I hope you are peaceful, even though we are all a bit stressed. I hope you remain optimistic and calm and healthy.

잘 지내세요 = Take care of yourself ❤️

Today, I want to show you how to dress up spicy ramen 🙂
라면 is very good with very little!

VERY spicy!

We had some smoked pork that we had shredded and frozen, so now we take a bit of it and add it to the water as it is boiling. It defrosts and makes everything taste smoky and good!

If you don’t eat meat, tofu is good too ~ it absorbs the spices of the ramen.

Good spice, pork flavor, served 2 adults.

And that’s it! An easy meal that tastes fantastic. You can add veggies or boiled egg, or even a poached egg on top is delicious 🙂

잘 지내세요 and many hugs ❤️


Be safe ❤️


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