Deep South Food Love / Hate

As an orphan, I traveled and lived in various parts of the United States. During my teens though, I grew up in the South. THE South. Like, rebel flags and mud-bogging and gator south.

My many mommies (my friends’ moms) took me in during that time, and I tried foods I had NEVER tried before: some I loved, some I hated 😆

I want to share this today 🙂 Some of these may not be southern, that’s just my first experience of them.

LOVED: Corned Beef Hash

Down at the mom and pop diners and at my friends’ homes, there was a thing called corned beef hash. Beef + hashbrowns + all seasoned and fried and so very yum! Salty, greasy goodness 🤤 I must have been 14 when this blew my mind.

I can smell it from here! ❤️

HATED: Grits

I was familiar with oatmeal and cream of wheat. Surely, grits were all the same. Nope! I put a mouthful of watery sand in my mouth and went YUCK! My friend said, deadpan, “Just put more butter in it.” 😂 What! I ate ’em, but I didn’t like ’em.

I’ll take the butter, hold the grits.

LOVED: Meatloaf

This one I don’t think is southern (not sure?), but I first tried it in the south when I was like 16 or 17. You mean to tell me ya’ll figured out a way to make one giant meatball?? What! This is awesome!

Not pictured: The massive glob of ketchup that must cocoon the ‘loaf.

HATED: Sweet Tea

I wanted “soda,” my northern friend wanted “pop,” and our other friend said “sweet tea!” So I took a big swig and… not. a. fan. The tea is brown. The sugar is kinda nice, but it literally tasted like water that’s a little off with sugar in it. Mmm, no thanks!

Always served cold.

LOVED: Gumbo

This one I didn’t try until just a few years back, courtesy of my cajun husband. He doesn’t eat seafood though, so I feel I might be missing out 😄 Gumbo is like this slowly simmered, thick stewy soup full of chicken and spicy sausage and it’s all hot flavor and love! ❤️ Oh, and it is served over rice.

Perfect for cold days and Saints games 😍

There’s also other things I experienced for the first time in the south, like squirrels, possums (oooh, weird and cute!), and of course… gators!

From experience I would say: don’t believe everything you hear on the internet/TV about the deep south. It is a wonderful place full of rich culture, kind people, and delicious foods!

안녕! Bye! Ciao!



      • Thanks ! Is a special kind of pen or writing instrument used when writing ?
        I enjoy doing calligraphy, and use a soft Japanese pen for that. Practising the letters of Hangul is very relaxing.
        I can understand now when you said that learning a new language is very interesting. 🤗

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      • I don’t think any special pen is needed, but maybe paper. I remember using paper with wide lines as a child, to learn how far up or down a letter goes. Like the tail of g or the height of f. Well, in Hangul I think square lines might help in similar fashion. Hard to explain, but hope that helps! 😅


  1. jarilissima, I enjoyed this post very much! I have lived in the South since the age of nine. I still remember the culture shock arriving there, a clueless Yankee, in the middle of the civil rights movement. I did quickly did learn to drawl and say, “Yes, Ma’am!” and “Yes, Sir!” and I love grits! But I avoid them because of the carbs. I’m with you on the sweet tea. Take care. Cheryl

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