Cake Peeps

안녕하세요! Which means hello! Today I’m sharing a super sweet and yummy snack that I found.

Peeps Party Cake!

Gimme anything that is cake batter, birthday cake, or cake related. I’ll take it!

Look at the yummy confetti!

Peeps Cake Party has the same consistency and flavor of original Peeps, with the added bonus of cake flavor and sprinkle confetti that crunches as you eat. Super soft marshmallow with crunchy bits… 🤤

Crunchy sprinkles! ❤️


Gooey marshmallow

After the smooshy crunchy first bite, you get a flavorful mouthful of cake! Yep! These taste just like birthday party cake, and they are soooo good!

So delicious


This and all the candy I purchase comes from the local Dollar Tree. They have the best candy (my local Big Lots was a let-down) and the best prices. Maybe you can find similar quality and deals at WalMart. I think it all depends on your area.

That’s it for today! 🍭

안녕! Bye! Ciao!



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