To be real with you, I find it easy.

I find it easy, immensely meaningful, and even fun.

I’m a homemaker, and it often feels as though I am the very glue and heart of this house 🙂 What I do ripples throughout the home. It is a lively place, and sometimes when I’m feeling still, it is a quiet place.

I love keeping up with the cleaning, some cooking (uh… still not great at that), I love singing my music as I fold the clothes and vacuum the carpets.

I work. I just don’t work for a faceless CEO. I work for those who love me.

It’s not for everyone.

I do have a college degree (I also found that fun!) and I do write, so I sort of kind of work, only on my own time. Which means that I have to schedule everything, just like you would schedule things at work. The house is big (thank you, Lord) and it is a blessing– but it also means more upkeep.

In order for everything to run smoothly, including my hobbies and writing work, I have to be self-motivated, driven, and active. People depend on me, though they are not coworkers.

So, it’s not for everyone.

The internet has a lot of opinions, but here’s mine: I love it. I am blessed to be able to be a homemaker to my family. I realize that this isn’t even a choice for many women, so I am very grateful that I got to make this choice.

Some find meaning in work, some find meaning in art, some find meaning in [anything else]. I find meaning in being a homemaker.

I find meaning by caring for my family. To me, being a homemaker is a blessing! ❤️

안녕! Bye! Ciao!


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