Chignon / Chopstick

What holds my hair up is not a chopstick πŸ˜„
It may look like it at first, but it is not an eating utensil.
Though, if I were a mermaid, why not?

Chignon is a French word that means hair bun. I have very long hair and I must protect it! But I also have tri-racial hair (thanks to all my ancestors), a high-maintenance thick mess, and my hair breaks hair clips often.

So, at times, I use a strong chignon stick. Like these:

The main differences between
chignon sticks and chopsticks:

  • Chignon sticks have decorations impractical for eating and washing
  • Chopsticks are easy to wash, with few or no decorations
  • Chignon can be metal or material that rusts/gets ruined in water
  • Chopsticks can be any wood or stainless steel that do not suffer in water
  • Chignon are usually sold in singles
  • Chopsticks are always sold in pairs, because otherwise you can’t use them!
Simple chopsticks decoration vs intricate chignon decoration

Chignon sticks are great to put up your hair without using elastics that can break your hair. They’re also good if your hair is unruly and clips just aren’t enough. They also look very pretty.

I wear mine with half of my hair up, because I have a lot of hair.
Here is a photo after blow-drying and straightening:

That is a triple decker bun! πŸ˜„

Chopsticks are good to eat with πŸ™‚ If you’re not used to them, they help you slow down and enjoy your food. It’s good to practice with them at home for when you’re at a restaurant.

μ•ˆλ…•! Bye! Ciao!


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