1st Time tteokbokki

It’s not super often that I get to try 100% new things. So I was very excited as I awoke, because I knew that I had Amazon package coming with some tteokbokki, or 떡볶이

I follow many food blogs because FOOD IS SO GOOD.

I kept seeing these pasta/ravioli/rigatoni thingies on the Korean Instagrams and wasn’t sure what they were. I finally figured out their name, so I searched for them right away.

Kind of pricey. $9.99 for two small cups. Oof.

Anyway, they are not pasta, they are made of rice. And since I can’t find my favorite rice noodles anywhere any more, this filled my heart for the time being.

I think I put too much water in it, but it came out very well. It tastes of tomato sauce, with spongy rice cakes the texture of string cheese (if you just take a bite of string cheese).

All in all… very interesting. I hope I can get them at restaurant someday to really taste them (I’m not the best cook, even for this) or maybe even taste them in South Korea someday. That would be really cool 🙂

Take care,


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