Hello, dear! You’ve managed to find a brand new baby blog on WordPress 🙂

I’m jarilissima and this blog is going to be bits and pieces of my life tossed online to stick. It’s a form of expression, and if you can connect with my own personal humanity, all the better!

To be honest, I’m not here to make money or to offer anything ~ no tips or tricks or life hacks.

I just want to share whatever’s on my mind. I happen to like:

  • Books, both fiction and non… but don’t expect anything new here. I like to dig deep in shelves of used bookstores for gems.
  • Language-learning. Currently Korean, Italian, Spanish.
  • I love my dog, and sometimes nature, so those will possibly make an appearance.
  • Food stuff, like recipes. Not because I think I can help you, but because I need a place to keep all my simple recipes organized.
  • Candy.
  • Random thoughts.

If you’d like to see this trainwreck, go ahead and follow 😂


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