Enjoying Weekend

It is Saturday afternoon. My eyes are glued to MMA. I’m scrolling through Instagram a bit, though it’s almost time to set my phone aside and live.

There is a word in my mind:



What makes me happy on a Saturday is NO WORK. Ha! It’s setting my phone, email, and all that other junk aside to live my life. I enjoy sports. I like to write.

행복 🙂

Today I’ll hang with those I love, play music, watch sports, enjoy good foods.



  1. Glad to hear you like sports! My undergraduate degree is in English (concentration Professional/Technical Writing). I used to want to be a sportswriter and/or travel writer. Then I realized both are my passion and hobby and did not want them to be turned into a job!

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    • Good morning, Mandy! I do enjoy sports, mostly MMA or whatever is on tv 🙂 My degree is in English and Creative Writing! Not exactly the same but close, hahaha

      Mmm, even if it’s a job, travel writing sounds amazing 🙂 Well, I guess not during the pandemic… :-/

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

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